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Innovative Targeting Solutions Announces HuTARG™ Technology Payment from Amgen

Vancouver BC, April 19th, 2017—Innovative Targeting Solutions (ITS) today announced another payment from Amgen around the company’s HuTARG technology.

“Each year the technology continues to advance and to exceed our expectations and Amgen being our first collaborator has been instrumental in the development of the platform and its applications,” said Paul Kang, CSO at ITS. “Innovative Targeting Solutions looks forward to seeing the novel therapeutics that Amgen generates using the technology.”

The HuTARG platform is a versatile tool for engineering proteins in a mammalian system because of its ability to screen billions of antibodies directly for function, providing opportunities in areas previously thought not possible, such as the engineering of agonists and antagonists to protein families such as GPCRs.

Under the terms of the agreement, Amgen has non-exclusive access to the platform for fully human antibodies and other non-Ig scaffolds. Financial terms were not disclosed.

About Innovative Targeting Solutions Inc. Innovative Targeting Solutions Inc. is a privatelyheld company that has developed the HuTARG technology a next generation protein engineering platform for the generation and maturation of fully human antibody therapeutics. The HuTARG technology is a fully mammalian technology that generates antibody diversity in vitro via RAG1/RAG2 mediated V(D)J recombination.


Paul Kang
Innovative Targeting Solutions

ITS Press Release 2017-04-19 – Innovative Targeting Solutions – Amgen